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Houses, London


From the architect. 64 Westbourne Drive, is located at the juncture of Perry Vale, Westbourne Drive & Church Rise in the suburb of Forest Hill, South …

Office, London

Central St. Giles Court

From the architect. The proposed concept for the site was to transform a single-use office building into a genuinely mixed use development incorporati…

Houses, London

Gallery House

On a very small budget (£100,000) Studio Octopi converted the roof space of a private house in Battersea for the Associate Dean at the RCA School of C…

Houses, London

Gap House

From the architect. The house, which is sited on a plot only 2.3m wide within a conservation area in West London, proves that sustainable architecture…

Residential, London

Rogers House

The house, commissioned by Richard Rogers’ parents, sits within a long and narrow wooded urban plot, opposite Wimbledon Common in South West London an…

Residential, London

NEO Bankside

This residential scheme lies in the heart of the Bankside area of London, located close to the River Thames and directly opposite the west entrance to…

Residential, London

Fitzroy Park House

Stanton Williams were commissioned to create a new family home in North London within the Highgate Conservation area, replacing a late 1950s house. Th…

Houses, London

Kew House

Set within the Kew Green Conservation Area of south-west London, this four bedroom family house is formed of two pre-fabricated weathering steel volum…

Houses, London

London E8

We were approached by our clients, a young family of 3 to redesign their home. The property had received previously been granted planning permission, …

office, London

The Leadenhall Building

This 51-storey tower opposite Lloyd’s of London rises to a height of 225 metres (738 feet), its slender form creating its own distinctive profile with…

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