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Houses, London


From the architect. 64 Westbourne Drive, is located at the juncture of Perry Vale, Westbourne Drive & Church Rise in the suburb of Forest Hill, South …

Office, London

Central St. Giles Court

From the architect. The proposed concept for the site was to transform a single-use office building into a genuinely mixed use development incorporati…

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A note from our founder

I'm a passionate architect. I've traveled the world to find the most interesting buildings on the planet. While doing so, I've found it extremely difficult to find them. Asking the locals has rarely helped since they often aren't familiar with the project.

I'm not alone. This is a common problem among architects. With that, ARCHiTRACKER was born – a mapping platform and iOS app to help find the most interesting buildings in town.

Got another project in mind? We'd love to include it on ARCHITRACKER. Contact us at [email protected].

- Ponk, Founder of ARCHiTRACKER

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