The new version of the ARCHiTRACKER app is here!!!


Visiting a new city? Discover its more impressive buildings and get a different perspective with ARCHiTRACKER – a mapping app for modern Architecture.

Designed and built by architects, ARCHiTRACKER solves the problem of finding worthwhile project to go and see when you’ve visiting somewhere new.

We’ve worked hard to highlight the lesser-known hidden gems of architectural interest – no more wasted time searching, hopping around websites, making a list by hand and pinning their locations.

Get unlimited access to the +27,000 projects we’ve mapped so far covering all major cities across the globe.

Organise architectural projects into Collections to save for later and share.

We actively developing the app so there’s plenty for you to follow: from a product roadmap on Trello to our posts on Instagram.